My field of  interest and expertise lies in DB2 tuning, DB2 and business systems capacity planning, Disaster recovery, Load modeling and Load testing.

 I am a professional with 13 years of  Database Management experience ranging from financial institutions, insurance, airlines to Manufacturing . I can work well on the Mainframes as well as open systems.

 I have a verifiable and proven track record with database tuning and performance management that has saved real money for many of  my customers.  This savings usually take the form of  avoided hardware upgrades and associated licensing charges or  enhanced throughput with existing infrastructure.

    The only way to deliver quality work is through a combination of  in depth understanding of the subject and a strong work ethic. I  work diligently on improving my own knowledge and sharing my knowledge with willing co-workers on a daily basis. I have conducted DB2 training courses for over 40 employees of my current and previous employers on DB2/MVS and DB2 UDB/AIX.

 I have excellent communication skills and am a certified toast master.

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