Most of these scripts can be customized to run in about 15 minutes. They can also be run in REPORT ONLY mode where they will not perform any actions but simply generate a report. The report will be in plain english and easy to read.

Once you develop confidence in them then they can be turned on to RUN mode where they will perform actions.

If you want to try any of the scripts, please send an email requesting an userid and password.

DB2 UDB AIX.DB2LOOK and DB2MOVEScript to export all the tables and DDLs you have in your database to a new directory with timestamp suffix.

DB2 UDB AIX. BACKUP DATABASE  Script to backup your database online or offline and produce the restore DB statements  as and when you backup. Also clean up older backups that you dont need. This is for V8 and can be used for V7 with one modification.

DB2 UDB AIX. SIZE OF A DATABASE  Script to calculate the total size of your database . Check the number of active tables in your database and the total size of your database.

DB2 UDB AIX. GENERATE EXPORT, IMPORT AND LOAD SCRIPTS for a list of tables. This script will generate export, import and load commands for a list of tables in a file.