Many times I have searched the DB2 Admin guide or the Trouble shooting guide for information on how things work. When I do not find the required information , I resort to google and if that fails I ask one of my knowledgeable gurus.

 I have tried to document such hard to find information in this page. I have also documented some basic concepts in DB2 that I as a beginer had trouble understanding.

 This page is a work in progress. I will be adding a lot more articles as and when I find time to type them.

  If you find any factual errors, have any questions or if you have any constructive criticisms please contact me.

Archive Log mode Quiesce and what happens.

Sequential Detection and Dynamic Prefetching.

Physical Data Organization Part-4. Simple tablespace space search algorithm.

Physical Data Organization Part-3. Clustering Basics.

Physical Data Organization Part-2. Space map page basics.

Physical Data Organization Part-1. Space map page basics.

Guess your Production access path and CPU cost even before you move your program to PROD.

Lock Avoidance. CLSN and PUNC tests.

Buffering , LRU chain maintinance, When can you use FIFO? Part-2

Quick recap of usage factor and how it affects performance of a system.

Buffering , do you know what really happens? Part-1

Data Distribution Statistics, Why is it important to know your data distribution?

What happens during a commit and a checkpoint? What is different?